KUDO is a global non-political diaspora organization that was founded on grassroots philosophy by Kenyans in the diaspora to assist them to tackle many challenges that face them abroad and at home. One of them being unable to speak with one cohesive voice.

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As a Kenyan in the Diaspora, KUDO will provide me an opportunity to network with other fellow Kenyans many of whom are quite experienced in a variety of issues. The expanded knowledge base coupled with the fact that KUDO harnesses the economy of scale gives me a direct opportunity to positively influence the lives of people in Kenya. It is now going to be possible to quickly see the impact of my financial contributions however small the amount may be because together as a group we can leverage big corporations and government entities.

As a Kenyan parent in the Diaspora, I constantly seek for educational mentorship opportunities for my children, a door that KUDO widely opens as it would be possible now to facilitate Kenya youth exchange programs that are educational in nature as well as for opportunities to facilitate Kiswahili and cultural classes.

I like the idea of a Kenya United Diaspora Organization, one voice, one diaspora. Join me and let’s move KUDO forward because Pamoja Twaweza!

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We recognize and appreciate many diaspora groups in existence today that are doing wonderful jobs within the scope in which they were created. But Kenyans in the diaspora are tired and weary of many other splinter groups that are inventing names and issuing statements and positions on behalf of the entire diaspora without consultations or inclusiveness.

With this in mind Kenyans gathered, deliberated and formed KUDO , a non-political organization which is based on the grassroots philosophy so that each member is included in the decision making process. Kudo does not discriminate any Kenyan in the diaspora on the basis of tribe, gender, religion, background or political affiliation.

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To protect and enhance the rights of Kenyans in the diaspora; To provide a forum for us to utilize our knowledge,Skills and Abilities to develop and provide social security and Economic prosperity for ourelves,our posterity and Kenya.


To create and nurture a cohesive grassroots organization of Kenyans in the diaspora that addresses our collective social and economic needs in perpetuity.

To organize and unite kenyan in the diaspora as one voice when they advocate for Kenya’s human security and economic prosperity or stand against the vices that would hinder such progress.

To maintain collaborative contact and partnership with kenyan policy makers for inclusion in planning and participation in country's national programs and to facilitate KUDO in accomplishing its own social-economic goals and objectives.

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