• About Kudo

    Kudo is a global non-political diaspora organization that was founded on grassroots philosophy by Kenyans in the diaspora to assist them to tackle many challenges that face them abroad and at home. One of them being unable to speak with one cohesive voice.


    We recognize and appreciate many diaspora groups in existence today that are doing wonderful jobs within the scope in which they were created. But Kenyans in the diaspora are tired and weary of many other splinter groups that are inventing names and issuing statements and positions on behalf of the entire diaspora without consultations or inclusiveness.

    With this in mind Kenyans gathered, deliberated and formed KUDO , a non-political organization which is based on the grassroots philosophy so that each member is included in the decision making process. Kudo does not discriminate any Kenyan in the diaspora on the basis of tribe, gender, religion, background or political affiliation.

    The organizational structure, functions, mission and goals are all designed to advance social security and economic prosperity for all members, their off springs and the Motherland. It is required that all office holders adhere strictly to the creed of selflessness, accountability, objectivity, openness, honesty and integrity and good work ethic.

    Kenyans in Diaspora recognize that there are two groups of Kenyans in Diaspora:

    A. The original immigrants who relocated from Kenya for green pastures abroad, leaving behind their assets and extended family members

    B. Diasporans of Kenyan Heritage born in the Diaspora.

    The first group makes remittance to Kenya either to help their extended family members they left back in Kenya and/or develop economic assets with hope of returning to Kenya (familiar niche) for retirement. This vibrant group has always had a need to be heard and to know that their investments are secure and growing.

    Having been born outside of Kenya and away from its culture, the second group has no motivation for capital investments in Kenya or incentives to worry about Kenya’s security or future. This is a constant concern for the parents of this expanding population.

    It is thus an imperative for us to unite and organize ourselves to inspire our youth to take pride and ownership of their national heritage with enthusiasm.

    According to the constitution of Kenya, it is understood that our children and the next generation will always have the right to hold dual citizenship in both their country of residence and Kenya.

    Thus for Kenyans in Diaspora to maintain a strong relationship with Kenya in perpetuity, possess social security and economic prosperity we have constituted an organization that fosters these noble causes, Kenya United Diaspora Organization (KUDO) .

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