What is Kudo?

    Kudo is a global non-political diaspora organization that was founded on grassroots philosophy by Kenyans in the diaspora to assist them to tackle many challenges that face them abroad and at home. One of them being unable to speak with one cohesive voice.

    What makes Kudo different from other diaspora organizations?

    Kudo is not static. It is a grassroots process of people coming together to address and find lasting solutions to issues that matter to them. Therefore Kudo acts a facilitator to members by offering them a stage to develop strategies to better themselves and their off springs which include social-economic planning to address such issues as education cultural heritage, youth development and measurable economic empowerment through hybrid models that combine elements of investments and economics of scale.

    Kudo also houses interactive networking platforms that promote commerce and exchange of ideas among members. Kudo encourages and supports Kenya development efforts and speak out with one voice against vices such as tribalism and corruption that would disrupt such progress. Kudo adheres strictly to the service creed of selflessness, honesty, accountability, objectivity and integrity and anyone aspiring to serve in Kudo must have those qualities.

    What are membership benefits?

    Being an active member of your community is rewarding and great for your health and wellbeing.

    In Kudo you will meet new people and widen your social and professional networks.

    Your off springs will have a place to go for educational and cultural indoctrination.

    You will be a beneficially of numerous innovative economic investments and services that will be accessible to members only.

    You will participate in an organization that is controlled by members, who actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.

    By speaking with one voice you will get the attention you deserve from the authorities concerning the issues that are dear to you.

    Who is eligible to join?

    Any Kenyan and /or their off springs residing anywhere out of Kenyan boundaries can become members of Kudo. By virtue of membership you become a collective owner of the organization.

    How does one become a member?

    You become a member by registering and paying membership fee of $40.00 per person through the provided secure channel to a Kudo account. This is a one time commitment fee. Recurring annual fee will be determined by the elected representatives.

    Can children join?

    All children and grandchildren under the age of 18 can join. But they must be sponsored by an adult parent or guardian for legal purposes. The registration fee is $ 40.00 per child. Annual fees for children and adults will be discussed and set by the elected representatives.

    Can I get a refund if I leave the group?

    For budgetary complications, the policy is no refunds.

    How are officials elected?

    Elections are held in the regions for regional representatives. These representatives run the day to day operations of regional bodies. They are also members of the general assembly which meets once per year in a summit which every member is invited to attend. Elections of national officials are held in these summits and any regional representatives are eligible to compete. They must meet the creed of Kudo service which is selflessness, honesty, accountability, openness, objectivity and integrity to hold office.

    How many regions are there?

    At the moment there are seven regions in the United States and a special region for all others. Boundaries and numbers are likely to change when situations change and Kenyans in other countries are able to form their own regional chapters.

    Where is the Headquarters located?

    The headquarters of Kudo is in the State of Maryland chosen for its proximity to the Federal government, Embassies and International Organizations with which Kudo is likely to do business.

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