To protect and enhance the rights of Kenyans in the diaspora; To provide a forum for us to utilize our knowledge,Skills and Abilities to develop and provide social security and Economic prosperity for ourelves,our posterity and Kenya.

    Our Goals

    To create and nurture a cohesive grassroots organization of Kenyans in the diaspora that addresses our collective social and economic needs in perpetuity.

    To organize and unite kenyan in the diaspora as one voice when they advocate for Kenya’s human security and economic prosperity or stand against the vices that would hinder such progress.

    To maintain collaborative contact and partnership with kenyan policy makers for inclusion in planning and participation in country's national programs and to facilitate KUDO in accomplishing its own social-economic goals and objectives.

    To strive to make KUDO the premier socio-economic resource center for the diaspora and Kenya(Motherland) within five years

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